Earlier in the week, former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito unleashed a series of tweets.  He seemed to think that a report regarding his behavior tolds former teammate Jonathan Martin would reveal that he was guilty of nothing.

He was wrong.

The Miami Dolphins released a report on Friday.  Read the full report here via The Big Lead.

In the report, we learn that Incognito did more than just harrass Martin.  Incognito, along with fellow offensive linmen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey, also harrassed another lineman and a member of the training staff.

A few things of note from the report:

  • On the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 2012), Incognito, Jerry, and Pouncey wore Japanese headbands and jokingly threatened to harm the trainer (who apparently an Asian-American) physically in retaliation.
  • Incognito kept a "fine book" for teammates who cracked.  He often wrote down penalties against Martin "for acting like a 'pussy.'"  He texted teammates after he was suspended with instructions to destroy the book.
  • Incognito in a text to a teammate regarding a new gun. "Perfect for shooting black people."
  • Martin's sister was also the subject of sexually explicit comments.  "We are going to run train on your sister. She loves me. I'm going to f**k her without a condom and c*m in her c***."

Read more of the worst stuff from the investigation via Deadspin.

A lot of sports media members seem to believe that this might be the end of Incognito's career.  His lawyer, however, says the report is "filled with errors."