Military is something very dear and became even more personal to me after losing my cousin in Iraq. The shooting in FortHood, yes it was a horrible event but I am hoping that it won’t be turned into a gun control issue. I would rather this event be used to promote better support for our military and for them to be able to get help with post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral health, and mental health issues before events like this occur. 

I am also hoping that the military policewoman is recognized for exactly what she did, sacrificed her life for the good of others. She stood up and confronted the shooter not knowing if he was going to shoot her or stop. That to me is being a hero and true dedication to not only her job but the USA. This doesn’t just go for military, there have been the teachers who saved their classes, police and fire department who are the first responders to events like school shooting, 9/11, bombings, and the list could go on and on. How many people be it the president, congress, CEOs, teachers, airline employees, anybody who could be put in a situation like this would risk their life for someone else’s? I like to think that if I was in that situation I would stand up instead of running and hiding. Life is a like a coin toss heads you live tails you don’t and for the policewoman who was willing to give it all up landed on heads and I am glad that there people like her protecting us and our country. Here is the story and send me a shout out about your thoughts on the story.


Today’s Quote

“You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.” Shira Tehrani