April 15 is Tax day, the last day to file your taxes. If you did your taxes earlier this year then there is no need to stress today. I did find an interesting news article today that fit wonderfully in with today. It is about how much big corporations have to pay in or how little. Read the story here then let me know what you think! Do think that the companies are cleaver that they hired accountants to find them credits, exemptions, and offshore tax havens or do you think that it is completely unfair and needs to be re examined so they have to pay in at the same rate of the average worker? Use the shout out box to let me know your opinions!



The iHeartRadio Awards is almost here! Are you voting for your favorites in each category so they can win? It is week 2 of the text to win with 7 times during the week and 4 times during the weekend have you been looking up the times on our website? You could win a chance to walk on the red carpet, sit in the broadcasting lounge, meet some of the artist, and get upgraded room accommodations!! This event is going to be so fun! It is May 1 and will be aired live on 99.7 The Lake!


Quote of the day


“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes