WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities and highlighted those with the most diverse opportunities for recreation, sports and culture. We used 24 key metrics to explore a number of factors— from the cost of movie tickets and parkland acreage to the affordability of food prices and spending on parks per resident — that contribute to the overall quality of each city’s offerings.

  Best Cities for Recreation   Worst Cities for Recreation
  1 Cincinnati, OH   91 Irving, TX
  2 Orlando, FL   92 Fresno, CA
  3 Omaha, NE   93 San Antonio, TX
  4 Minneapolis, MN   94 Houston, TX
  5 Tampa, FL   95 Jersey City, NJ
  6 St. Petersburg, FL   96 Charlotte, NC
  7 St. Louis, MO   97 Fremont, CA
  8 Boise, ID   98 Chula Vista, CA
  9 Buffalo, NY   99 Laredo, TX
  10 Sacramento, CA   100 Newark, NJ