Chips, ice cream, & cookies can get the best of us late at night-But if you're looking to curb those cravings, or any for that matter, eat more of the items you'll find below.  According to Today Health & research done by Oregon Health & Science University, doing the following can help curb those late night craving attacks...


Fill up on produce - Eat a variety of colorful produce throughout the day. A craving indicates your body is missing a particular vitamin or mineral.

Add more protein - Adding more protein earlier in the day reduces snacking, a 2013 study out of the Unviersity of Missour found.

Eat a low-glycemic dinner - Get rid of processed carbs and sugar and opt for foods that are low on the glycemic index and packed with fiber and protein. Think squash and snap peas for vegetables. Here's a list of vegetables; Harvard University spells out where foods fall on the index.

Do something else - It's a simple solution, especially since many of those cravings for specific things are often psychological. Other tactics to curb cravings: Give yourself a pep talk and stop binge-watching TV.