More alleged details are coming out about Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhall, and her album Red! Sources say that Jake was her first- she she was going to marry him. She was waiting until marriage but jake convinced her it was worth it. The source says "She thought she was going to marry Jake, that's how in love she was with him." At the time, Taylor was 20 and Jake was 33.

In December of 2010, a few months after Taylor and Jake…danced if you will, she threw herself a 21st birthday party. Jake was all set to be there . . . or so she thought.

The day of the party, he WENT OFF THE GRID. He didn't call, he didn't text, she couldn't find him, and he never showed up. A source says, quote, "She locked herself in the bathroom and cried the entire night."

The source adds that "every word" of the "Red" album was inspired by the breakup. Especially the song "The Moment I know", which is literally about being stood up at a birthday party by "the one who means the most."

photo credit: getty images