Carly Pearce Says She's Owning Her Version Of 'Imperfection'

Carly Pearce Says She's Owning Her Version Of 'Imperfection'

Carly Pearce is embracing her "imperfections" and learning to love herself more along the way.

The country singer turned to Instagram to share a raw clip of her in the studio singing a song she previously teased called "Show Me Around." Along with the video, Pearce shared a lengthy message with her followers about the lessons she's learning at this time in her life.

"I was singing in the studio today & it occurred to me that I’ve never shown a real life 'in the moment' vocal take before. Probably because I was afraid that without all of the 'shiny help' the studio brings, that maybe it wouldn’t be 'perfect,'" Pearce admits. "This season of life has shown me that we will never be perfect. NEVER. We have to find beauty in the imperfections and in the things that life throws at us."

"I am owning my version of 'imperfection' & in return, feel like I’m learning to love myself and my story on such a deeper level," she continues. "I am so very proud of this song that I wrote for my late producer @busbee & he was always such a big believer in me being 'okay with not being perfect.' I felt that message ringing so true in the studio & felt him there as I sang this vocal."

I wanted to share a little of the raw & real side of this next phase of music for me, and I hope you know how much of my heart is going into every piece," Pearce adds. "I can’t wait to share more, but for now- here’s a little of 'Show Me Around'🤍"

Pearce first debuted "Show Me Around" during a Grand Ole Opry performance in June. She dedicated the emotional song to her late producer, Busbee, revealing that it was inspired by a story told at his funeral.

"At his funeral, a songwriter that all of us in Nashville love named Barry Dean, he gave the most beautiful speech," Pearce explained ahead of her Opry performance. "And Busbee has three little girls and a beautiful wife, and he painted this picture of Heaven that was so beautiful to me, that Busbee had a map and he was getting the lay of the land and figuring out all of the places just like Disney Land that he wanted to show his family and show all of us."

“If anybody’s ever lost anybody this felt like a really cool way to look at our loved ones that are going to meet us in Heaven and show us around," she added.

Pearce's tearful debut performance of "Show Me Around" can be seen here.

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