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Lauv Proves It's Not 'All 4 Nothing' At iHeartRadio Album Release Party

Photo: Lauren Dunn

Before releasing his sophomore album All 4 Nothing, Lauv celebrated a day early with fans at an intimate iHeartRadio Album Release Party. Fans at home were able to get in on the action by tuning into iHeartRadio's Hit Nation station. In addition to playing to showing off his new music, the singer also sat down with iHeartRadio's JoJo Wright for a Q&A which prompted some interesting revelations like how he lost himself in the creative process for this album, how he considered quitting music for good, and the major realization that prompted many of the new songs.

With a glowing introduction from JoJo, who hailed All 4 Nothing as the singer's most personal project yet, Lauv kicked off the night with the album's titular track "All 4 Nothing (I'm So In Love)." In a previous statement, the singer/songwriter explained that it's, "a song about loving someone so much at a time in your life when you’re still in the process of learning how to love yourself and being scared how your own personal insecurities could ruin a love that is and could be so genuine and transformative. In essence, it’s a song about surrendering to love and life." After finishing the emotional track Lauv greeted the fans and listeners at home and encouraged them all to make some noise. "I need to hear you from everywhere," he said before launching into his next track "I'm So Tired." The singer teamed up with pop peer Troye Sivan for the song which was featured on his 2019 compilation album I Met You When I Was 18 (The Playlist).

JoJo came out after the first two songs and sat down with Lauv to discuss the obstacles and anxieties going into his second full-length album after 2020's How I'm Feeling. "They say the sophomore album is the most difficult. Is that true in your opinion?" Lauv answered honestly," Yeah, I mean, it was hard but at the same time it was really fun. I just freestyled a bunch and had a good time."

The two also discussed rumors that Lauv was ready to walk away from music at one point. "Punch me in the face if this is just nonsense," JoJo said before bringing it up, but Lauv confirmed it was true and even revealed, "Yeah, definitely at many points but we don't have to go there." The crowd erupted into cheers after JoJo asked if they were glad Lauv didn't give up on music.

Lauv then debuted a new track called "Stranger," which he described as a song "about anxiety and falling in love and pushing people away." The singer followed up the new track with one of his most well-known hits "F--k, I'm Lonely," which was featured on the 13 Reasons Why (Season 3) soundtrack back in 2019. Once again, the host came out to ask Lauv some more questions about his creative process. "For any song, have you ever felt like you revealed too much or not enough?" JoJo asked. After a long pause, Lauv answered with an unsure "maybe?" as the crowd laughed. "You said there's a bit of an unspoken, magical feeling to his album. Talk about that," Jojo prompted. "I think I just very much lost myself in the process of doing it," Lauv said. "It's an awesome album to listen to and be in nature, to look at water, to just chill to, to be with your friends. It's super fun." JoJo then asked Lauv which new song is he most excited to perform live on his upcoming tour. "There's a couple. "Molly in Mexico," and "Bad Trip," are two of my favorites."

For the last part of the Album Release Party, Lauv told the audience, "I'm gonna take it back. You guys know what's coming." He then teased his fans by playing bits of the unmistakable hook from his smash hit "I Like Me Better." Lauv then launched another new song called "Kids Are Born Stars." He prefaced the performance by saying, "This song is about believing in yourself." The groovy track explores a middle school romance and really sets the scene with great lyrics like, "Way back before DMs, she'd send me AIMs/ With less than threes for hearts." At one point a young child's voice is featured on the track, and the singer used it as an opportunity to mess with the audience. "Make some noise for my son right now," before revealing, "I'm just kidding that's not my son. Make some noise for Joshua," he quickly explained before launching into the song's chorus.

All 4 Nothing is officially out on Friday, August 5th. Lauv is gearing up for his North American tour in support of the album which kicks off in Minneapolis, MN on August 11th before concluding in Las Vegas on September 24th. "I'm so excited," Lauv said of the upcoming tour. "I'm just so excited to have so much new music. I put a lot of work, everyone has put a lot of work into the show so it's gonna be amazing. It's gonna be sick." For more information, click here and check out All 4 Nothing here!

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