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iHeartLand Launches On Roblox: Lauv To Give First Performance

iHeartRadio is taking another step into the Metaverse with the launch of iHeartLand on Roblox, a one-of-a-kind place where gaming, live events, never-ending entertainment, music, and the most popular talent come together to offer fans a premiere interactive experience.

On Roblox, users will become music tycoons by collecting sound energy throughout iHeartLand to power their own customized music studio, as well as unlock upgrades, fan experiences and rewards. Users can also visit different branded spaces like the State Farm Neighborhood featuring the one and only Jake from State Farm, and Intel House of Wonder to engage with other avatars, play games and more.

And what better way to kick off the launch of iHeartLand than with an exclusive performance featuring Lauv at iHeartLand's State Farm Park. The singer/songwriter will perform songs from his new album All 4 Nothing, and fans will be able to walk the red carpet and take selfies with his NPC (non-player character). Fans can watch Lauv's performance on September 16th at 7pm ET at iHeartLand's State Farm Park.

In a statement, Lauv explains of his upcoming iHeartLand performance, "I'm so excited to be the first artist to perform at iHeartLand's State Farm Park on Roblox and can't wait to share this unique experience with my fans. It's my first concert in the Metaverse so hope you all enjoy it as much as I did performing."

Lauv's performance in iHeartLand's State Farm Park is only the beginning as the location will host a total of 20 can't-miss events in the next year. On October 7th, fans will also be able to enjoy an Album Release Party with Charlie Puth, and "The Trap Nerds" will also join the lineup for a special podcast event later this year.

Here's everything else fans have to look forward to while inside iHeartLand on Roblox:

  • Becoming Music Tycoons: Upon arriving to iHeartLand, each user will be given a simple music studio to personalize. From there, they will build their way towards a music empire by searching the streets of iHeartLand to collect sound energy to deposit back at their studio. The sound energy powers the studio while generating listeners and iHeartBucks, which are used in-experience to upgrade their studio with cool equipment, playlist programming, studio pets and more. Users will also be encouraged to explore other player studios to check out their customizations and music while collecting more sound energy, keeping them entertained and engaged. 
  • State Farm Neighborhood: With the launch of Jake from State Farm on Roblox, State Farm Neighborhood will amplify the iHeartLand experience with Jake’s daily quest board. Located next to State Farm Park and accessible through a pedestrian bridge, State Farm Neighborhood resembles the look and feel of a street festival with interactive features such as a Ferris wheel, food trucks and access to a special sky-top viewing platform with unobstructed aerial views of the State Farm Park main stage where today’s biggest artists like Lauv and Charlie Puth will perform. Users can complete Jake’s daily quests and play mini games to win iHeartBucks which can be used in State Farm Neighborhood to purchase unique verch (virtual merchandise) and gear for their avatar, including an outfit resembling Jake’s iconic khakis and red polo.
  • Intel® House of Wonder: Intel® will bring a fantastical element to iHeartLand through the House of Wonder installation that encourages users to see the wonder in the world around them. At the House of Wonder, users will enter a surreal waterfront setting that stands out in iHeartLand as a can’t-miss destination where they can power up their experience by using their iHeartBucks. The eye-catching location features dolphins in the courtyard and an Intel “Bong” button that plays the brand’s iconic jingle, too. The House of Wonder will be crucial to the experience since it’s the only way users can exchange their iHeartBucks for in-game Intel® Core™ processors, which will allow them to level up quicker as they explore iHeartLand by collecting and depositing sound energy into their music studios at faster speeds. The installation will also be the go-to destination for players to collect Wonderful emotes that enhance their concert experience with fun features like the ability to shoot rainbows and confetti during unforgettable moments.

Built to feel like the ultimate block party, iHeartLand brings together the best of Roblox and fan events to give users a one-of-a-kind experience. Check out iHeartLand on Roblox today.

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