Randoms-How to Become a Billionaire, Chocolate good for Cold/Flu???

What’s your sign? In our online dating world you can search for dates based on every character trait imaginable. From political preferences to height to workout level – your dream girl or guy could be just a few clicks or swipes away. The latest update from dating site Bumble allows you to even filter potential dates by their zodiac sign. Yep. Not compatible with Leos or Geminis? No problem! (Cosmo)

Talk About It:

  • Is a person’s Zodiac sign important dating information? Are you more attracted to people born under a certain sign? What traits about that sign attract you? 
  • Do you actually avoid dating people because of their sign? Why? What bad experiences have you had with someone with that sign or the traits of that sign? 

Great news as we’re heading into cold and flu season … According to professor and expert in cough and respiratory medicine Alyn Morice, chocolate soothes coughs better than prescription cough syrup. Seems chocolate forms a coating in your throat that protects the nerve endings in your throat that make you cough. (Shape

Want to be a billionaire? Start with a sales job. For his recent book, The Wealth Elite, sociologist and historian Rainer Zitelmann interviewed a number of self-made billionaires and multimillionaires and found that they all had a sales job, or jobs, when they were younger. And the experience they got in that job is something they cited as a huge factor in their success. (Market Watch

The truth will set you free … According to a new study, telling lies makes you unhappy. Researchers found that most people tell a bunch of lies every day. And, they often tell these lies to keep their interactions with others rolling along smoothly. But, these lies are not harmless. Instead, they hurt our chances of creating authentic connections with people, which makes us less happy than those who are brutally honest. (Inc.

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